Titan Tornado Professionally Built

by cebur19 on December 15, 2008

Titan_Tornado.jpg2005 Titan Tornado II SS. Professionally built. NO RESERVE!!! PRICE SLASHED!!! MUST SELL NOW!!! This is the aircraft featured on Titan Aircraft’s website! Less than 200 hrs TT engine & airframe. Two place tandem seating. Rotax 912 ULS 100 HP. 3 ½ gallon per hour fuel burn at economy settings. 15 gallon fuel tank. Fly’s on auto gas! Cruise at 115 mph.Take off 350 feet at light loads, lands in 450 feet. Climb 1,000 feet/minute. All metal construction (except fiberglass nosecone & Kevlar rear panel). Factory built wing, titanium landing gear legs (exceptionally strong!) Matco hydraulic disc brakes. Aileron spades. Electric flaps. Built in air vents front and rear. Heater with cabin blower! Carpeted interior. No damage history, no hard landings! Complete and clean engine and airframe logs.

The Tornado II SS is the largest of the Titan series of aircraft. The rear seat is large enough for a 6’4” passenger of 250+ lbs! 1,200 pound max gross weight allows 525 lbs useful load.

This aircraft is sport airplane legal and can be flown by a sport pilot. No medical required! Equipped to fly into and out of busy Class C airspace. Good performance allows pilot to fit in with faster traffic. Don't mistake this Tornado for an ultralight...I often can outperform 172's!

This Titan Tornado II SS competes very well against the most popular light sport aircraft offered today at nearly $130,000 or more!

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